Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ogrow Deluxe Walk-In 6 Tier 12 Shelf Portable Greenhouse Review

I was really excited about getting a greenhouse. We purchased 2 Ogrow Deluxe Walk-In 6 Tier 12 Shelf Portable Greenhouses  with high hopes. I was really wanting to get my plants in the ground with a nice head start. I didn't want to have to buy store bought plants. Over the years we have spent a good bit on getting our veggies growing. I thought this one time purchase could save us some money over the years. WOW was I wrong! 

We installed both of them at the same time. One was anchored over some plants that were growing in the garden. We put it up to warm the soil so we could plant our corn a month early. This actually worked After a week of having the greenhouse over the soil we planted some corn under it. It germinated quickly and we had cute little baby corns growing. 

The other was anchored for plants to germinate in it. This one had about 100 pounds of weight on the bottom as a way to weigh it down. We had stacked about 40 water jugs hoping this would prevent our greenhouse from blowing away in Spring storms.We couldn't have been more wrong. 

About 3 weeks after installing these, with cute little plants of all kinds growing in them we had our first big storm. It was a huge disaster! Not only did the one over the corn blow all the way into a neighbors yard, but the one with lots of different plants in it actually crumbled. All the pots in it fell off the shelves. I lost everything in it. I assumed this was my fault and we of course tried other methods of securing them. 

Well nothing worked! No matter how much we weighed it down or anchored it, it still blew off every time we had a storm. I lost countless plants and seeds in it and each time it blew off it ended up with a hole in it or the seams around the zipper tearing.We ended up with tape all over them and it simply looked like a giant mess! 

It really was a waste of money other than helping me give my corn a bit of a head start. However several of the corn ended up dead when the greenhouse smashed into it. I guess it is about what is important to you. If you want a quick fix it may work, but if you are looking for long term don't waste your time or money!