Friday, April 29, 2016

Flambeau Tackle 2 Tray Tackle Box (Black/Green, 13.5x8.5x7.5-Inch) Review

We are sort of weird when it comes to buying presents. We both prefer to just tell each other a few things we want and let the other person pick. It just makes sure we actually get what we want instead of having to return something or pretend we like it.

So for my husband's birthday he asked for this Flambeau tackle box along with a few other outdoor things.

So I bought it. Not a bad price. We had been using backpacks because of the ease of just throwing them on our backs, but for additional storage, and for the kids he wanted an actual box.

I was actually surprised by how nice it was. Usually on cheaper boxes the buckle in the front works awkwardly or cheaply. This one closes smoothly.

The shelves inside of it are just like any other tackle box. There is plenty of space under them. I have pushed these shelves to the limit a couple time by over filling the bottom and forcing the lid closed. They did not break or bend.

As you can see by the photo it will hold just about everything you will need for the average day of fishing. On top of what you see there is also usually 2 containers of worms in the bottom when we go out fishing.

Even filled this box is lightweight. When looking at the pics of it before buying it I thought it looked heavy. Considering we already carry in 2 chairs, 4 rods, and a backpack with lunch in it I didn't want to add too much weight. I was happily surprised when I realized the Flambeau Tackle box was actually pretty light weight even when we had it stuffed with our stuff.

So our view of this box, It is a great buy for the money. Of course there are higher end boxes out there, but they don't really offer much more than this box. The Flambeau Tackle Box is a good buy for the money.