Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shakespeare Reverb Fishing Pole and Reel Combo

2nd one down is my Shakespeare Reverb Combo

So I bought this Shakespeare Reverb Fishing combo 2 years ago thinking it would be a temporary rod. Surely for $20 it wasn't going to be worth using on a long term basis.

Well it has gone above and beyond that of rods and reels 3 times it's price! I have used this rod and reel combo for catching crappie, catfish, large mouth bass, striped bass, and bream. Not once have I ever had an issue with it!

Reasons Why I Love my Shakespeare Reverb Combo

  • The reel works smoothly every time
  • The bail drops like it should every cast
  • The drag adjusts perfectly no matter if I am reeling in a bait fish or if I am reeling in a 5 pound catfish
  • The line always stays nicely in the line guide, and the handle has never given me any issues

I have owned many rod and reels in my life. The handles often spin off too easy or the line flops out of the line guide too much. These problems I have experienced with much more expensive reels have never been an issue with this reel.

The pole itself is good also. It breaks down easily turning into 2 sections. However it doesn't come apart so easily that I have to deal with it breaking down when I don't want it to. The pole also can handle some weight! I have caught a 12 pound catfish on this pole and the only thing I had to worry about was my line which was only 8lb test.

So if you are looking for a good, cheap, rod, and reel the Shakespeare Reverb Fishing combo is a good choice.

Compost Boxes, Garden boxes, BOXES Everywhere!

So my husband's job not only throws out pallets, but they also throw out these wooden boxes that can be used for thousands of things. I think I am falling in love! :)

They are awesome right??? Expect more posts about all the things they will be getting used for!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just Moved into our new property!

 Just Moved!

So, I've moved in to my new place. Just over an acre of property, but I am excited even if it isn't much.

The goal here is to have a big garden, chickens or quail, and maybe eventually a goat. I really just wanted the space to be big enough for us to be able to grow the majority of our food, AND we wanted to have enough leftovers to be able to actually can them for the winter.

Sadly this place needs LOTS of work! The home is in rough shape. All of the carpet will need to be ripped out. The subflooring will need to dry for at least a few months before sealed and covered again. The doors need re framed. The list is long, but we can do it.

Thankfully the kids bedrooms are the best out of them. So it shouldn't take much to get them in their rooms. We already ripped their carpet out and began painting.

I just can't wait to start being more self sufficient. I am getting some cool greenhouses for free this week. That will help speed up the process!