Tuesday, October 4, 2016

5 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used for centuries as a healing medicine. It has many uses. Now that we are at a time when unnatural medicines are pushed at us every tv commercial, our doctors are given incentives to push pharmaceuticals at us, and the entire industry makes us think that even for the smallest problem we need at least 2 pills to fix it.

In reality there are many illnesses that don't have a real effective natural remedy. However many illnesses do have simple, all natural remedies to ease your troubles.

Always remember that honey should not be used to treat small children. It can be life threatening so do not chance it. 


5 Health Benefits of Honey

Sore Throat - 

Instead of grabbing throat spray or over the counter pain medications instead reach for your natural medicine! One to two teaspoons of honey should ease any pain you are feeling in your throat. It naturally coats the throat reducing the pain you will feel. 

Cough - 

Similar to having a sore throat. Honey acts to help a cough by coating the throat. It has been proven to be as effective or more effective than over the counter medications for treating a stubborn cough. It is best to take one to two teaspoons directly, but if this is too thick or sweet for you I suggest mixing it 1 to 1 with water. 

Healing Cuts and Scrapes - 

When honey is exposed to air it created hydrogen peroxide. The anti bacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide will help heal minor scrapes and cuts quickly and naturally. Just coat your wound with a light layer of honey. Let it breathe for a few minutes and cover with a bandaid. 

Boost Your Natural Immunity to Viral and Bacterial Infections - 

Thanks to the natural antibacterial and antiviral properties found in honey, it acts as a natural immunity booster. Add lemon and a bit of water with 2 tablespoons of honey is a good way to give your body a much needed boost if you are feeling the first steps of a cold coming on or if you just want to help prevent catching a cold. 

Minor Burns - 

Similar to the way it helps cuts and scrapes, it also helps minor burns. Honey is said to reduce the burning sensation. It is also said to help with any swelling caused by the burn. Just apply a thin layer to the burn and leave it open to the air. An added bonus is that the antibacterial properties of honey may help keep your burn from getting infected.


Overall Honey is natures way of keeping us healthy from the minor things in life. It is a much better option than having to take over the counter medicines. Ideally you want to use natural honey. Store bought honey is usually so overly pasteurized that it loses many of it's benefits. So make sure you find a good quality organic honey if you are going to use it for medicinal reasons.

Car Glass Breaker ~ Great For Bug Out Bag or Car Safety Kit

After our car wreck a few years ago I have to admit I suffer from a horrible anxiety when it comes to driving. I have some pretty irrational fears. One of those fears is our vehicle going off a bridge and ending up in the water.

I know this phobia is not ok, but I simply can't help it anymore. I don't let it completely control my life, but the amount of anxiety is a bit overwhelming at time. So when I got the chance to try out a car window safety hammer I was pretty excited. Anything that will at least calm my fears a little is welcome in my car!

What You Need to Know About the Car Safety Hammer: 

  • The product is an all in one tool. It has a window breaker, seat belt cutter, red hazard light, flashlight, whistle, and magnet.
  • The car safety hammer is lightweight and easy to hold.
  • The car safety hammer is only 7 inches long. Small enough to fit in your purse, glove box, or your bug out bag.
  • Takes 3 AAA batteries. 
  • Weighs only 4.8 ounces

Overall I was very surprised by how well this fit into my hand. I was worried it would feel awkward. Thankfully it seems to be a good fit. I put it straight into our small emergency kit my minivan. I am hoping that I will never need anything like this, but just like with prepping, I would rather be over prepared than under prepared. I want to know I have everything I may need if something horrible were ever to happen. I can't take risks when it comes to the life of my children or myself.

If you would like to get your own Car Safety Hammer just click the link above or go here.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Remodeling Our Bathroom - New Armada Nickel Vanity Light

So we are finally getting around to upgrading our bathroom in our crappy house! This thing has been one remodel after another. I am working on flooring, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen counters all at one time. So I have to admit we are a bit overloaded. Thankfully the new Armada bathroom vanity is super easy to install. Hubby and I just got it done in about 30 minutes working together. I have to say it is a huge upgrade considering before this we just had a single ugly light over each sink. Now we have a beautiful nickel finished double vanity light installed.

Specs on our new Armada 48" 6 light Vanity light:


  • Dimensions: 44.5"(W) x 7.5"(H), Back plate: 48"(W) x 5"(H) Long enough to go over the average length double sink. So perfect for us!
  • Modern vanity fixture features a Brushed Nickel finish which is so much better than the ugly gold fixtures we had in our bathroom. It is nice to actually make it to the 2000's instead of having fixtures from the 90's when gold was the IT thing.
  • Frosted glass shades are super thick and beautiful. They come off easily also which makes me feel a lot better about cleaning them.
  • Can be used with shades facing up or down which is great. We had trouble deciding which way we were going to do it. Facing down offers good light when we are doing makeup or washing our faces, but facing up lights up the whole bathroom better. We ended up facing them up so that the entire bathroom would feel brighter.

Overall we are amazed with this Armada vanity light. We thought there would be a lot more work involved that there was. Plus it is just so pretty! It is nice to start seeing some progress around here. Now if we can just get the flooring done! Very glad that this was not a disappointment! 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Are You Looking For a Cheap 2 person Sleeping Bag?

If you are looking for a good fall temperature sleeping bag for camping with the family the Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows is an awesome bag. It is a 2 person sleeping bag with a 23 degree rating. In all reality, assuming you aren't trying to sleep naked, it will keep you warm in above freezing conditions.

What you need to know about it:

-Big enough to easily fit two adults average adults ( I am 5'4" hubby is 5'8" and we had feet room to spare while snuggling).

-Can be used as one double bag, or it can be used as two single bags. 

-Not big enough if you are over 6 feet tall.

-Comes with not only a stuff sack, but a compression stuff sack which makes it much easier to make smaller for easy carrying

-Comes with 2 small pillows that are just enough for camping

-It's a $50 bag, don't expect Northface $250 results! Apply some common sense here. I have had a lot of sleeping bags. Like with anything you get what you pay for. However, being affordable doesn't mean this is a bad bag, it just means you aren't going to get high end bag results. 

-This bag is not intended for true backpacking or hiking, but is an amazing option for backyard camping, state park camping, or what we call "car camping" (camping near your car at a pull off such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, etc.) 

-Big enough for 3 kids (I put my 12,10, and 5 year old and they all fit)

-Super soft! Like rub it against your face for 10 minutes soft! 

-Machine washable (cold only, air dry)

-Easily put back in the bag. I put it up by myself in less than 5 minutes.


Overall this is a great bag for the price. If you are looking for a quality, affordable sleeping bag for two this is a great option. You can buy your own Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows here

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Friday, August 26, 2016

TripWorthy Compact 100 Piece First Aid Kit

If you are looking for a good quality basic first aid kit this is a great buy. It is compact, in a zippered pouch, lightweight, and has all of the basic needs.

Excuse the dog hair, Our dog decided to lay on it while it was on my bed! :)

I was looking for a basic emergency first aid kit that I could include in my oldest son's bug out bag. We have more extensive first aid kits in our bags, but  I wanted to have basic kits in the kid's bags also. The younger ones just have band-aids and bandages, but my oldest is about to be a teenager. So I wanted to make sure he had more of a grown up set.

What Does the TripWorthy First Aid Kit Include? 

  • Abdominal bandage (1pc.)
  • Extra large adhesive bandage (4 pc.)
  • Fingertip adhesive bandage (3 pc.)
  • Standard adhesive bandage (25 pc.)
  • Sanitary Prep Pads (10 pc.)
  • Antibacterial ointment (4 pc.)
  • Antiseptic cleansing wipes (10 pc.)
  • Butterfly closure strips (6 pc.)
  • Sterile gauze pads (3 pc.)
  • Single-use cold compress (1 pc.)
  • Cotton swabs (10 pc.)
  • CPR face mask (1 pc.)
  • Elastic bandage (1 pc.)
  • Emergency blanket (1 pc.)
  • First aid tape (1 pc.)
  • Glow stick (1 pc.)
  • Metal tweezers (1 pc.)
  • Moleskin blister relief pad (1 pc.)
  • Disposable poncho (1 pc.)
  • Sterile razor blade (1 pc.)
  • Safety pin (4 pc.)
  • Sting relief pads (4 pc.)
  • Triangular bandage (2 pc.)
  • Vinyl disposable gloves (1 pc.)

This isn't a life saving kit by far, but it is a good quality basic first aid kit. It will cover your basic camping, kids, or home first aid needs. Best of all it all fits into a small zip up pouch that is actually smaller than my purse. It's lightweight so if you want to hook it to your backpack for camping or hiking you don't have to worry about it weighing much.

You can find this TripWorthy fist aid kit here. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Raaya Hose Nozzle Review

I've been looking for another hose nozzle since I broke ours. We can't do the cheap nozzles from the Dollar General or Walmart anymore. I just have too bad of a habit of dropping it when I am done with it, and thanks to my yard being hard as a rock, they seem to break. I was excited to try out the Raaya Hose Nozzle because of not only it's multiple functions, but also because the head turns. Unlike the typical gun shape type, this one can be moved both directions or straight. So this sounded like something that would be perfect for me.

I have to say this thing is awesome! On top of the head being able to be moved, they throw in a couple of great things. They include 4 extra washers. Have you ever had your hose nozzle start leaking where it connects to the hose? Well that happens because of the washer that goes inside. The Raaya Hose Nozzle comes with 4 extra washers so that when yours does start leaking, which they all do eventually, you can simply replace the washer and go back to being leak free!

They also include an adapter to attach to the top of a regular water bottle. This way you can turn your plain ole water bottle into a watering bottle for indoor plants that you can't take care of with your hose.

Overall this is by far the best hose spray nozzle I have ever owned. I am very happy that I got it. I really like having the option to rotate the head of the nozzle. If you would like to get your own Raaya Hose Nozzle, you can find it here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eonfine Solar Mosquito Killer Review

Living in the rural south near the coast here in the United States pretty much guarantees mosquito problems. It seems no matter what we have done here on our homestead, we simply can't find a way to get rid of them. We've drained off excess water. We've added bug killer throughout the yard. We've broke our all natural rule and called the exterminator. Yet every time we go outside after 4 in the afternoon we are attacked by the mosquitoes. I was hoping a natural option like the EonFine Solar Mosquito Killer would help.

I'll say one thing for sure. I went into this knowing that the chances of it making a noticeable difference was probably slim. My expectations were set low. When we got it we used the usb charger to charge it since we wanted to get started using it as soon as possible. We set it out the first night. The blue/purple color lit up as soon as dark came. I couldn't tell if it was actually doing anything or not to be honest.

The second day I let the sun do it's job and charge it up. I went out to check it again at dark. Same thing, lit up, but I couldn't tell if it was doing anything. So I decided to grab a beer and a chair and sit in front of it with my husband. In that time it killed 2 bugs, but myself and my husband got covered in mosquito bites.

I tried to give this thing a chance. We sat out for 2 more nights, for a lesser time, hoping we would see improvement. However in that time we both were a buffet to the mosquitoes once again.

I can not in good faith recommend this Eonfine Solar Mosquito Killer to a buyer.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel

So one thing is for sure, fishing is an important thing in our lives! We go fishing every weekend. When I say every weekend, I am not joking! We have 5 major lakes and about 8 smaller lakes within an hour of our home. So every weekend we pick a different spot and go! We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children ranging from 5 to 12. So we have quite a few different fishing reels and rods. I was very excited about trying out this Sougayilang Spinning Fishing reel.

We put it to the test yesterday. I attached it to my 10 year old's fishing pole. He had been wanting to finally make the switch from closed face to open face, so this was perfect for him.

This Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel lined up in less than 5 minutes. Within 10 he had his line in the water. Our kids' fishing goals for the day? Catch bream! He did just that. In the 5 hours there my son reeled in close to 15 bream of decent size. If we ate what we caught we could have had a feast just off the ones he caught on this reel!

On top of the impressive looks, the line reeled in so smoothly. The arm dropped easily. The reel preformed well when there was a fish on the line.

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel Specifications

  • Bearing:12+1BB, Gear ratio: 5.2:1, weight: approx 333g/11.75oz
  • A630: 5.2:1 ratio, 12+1BB, Line capacity:(mm/M): 0.20/240, 0.25/200, 0.30/140, (lbs/yds): 5/220, 10/160, 12/120
  • Weight approx 333g/11.7oz.
  • Excellent line lay oscillation system
  • Left / right interchangeable collapsible handle. interchangeable quick-folding handle made of aluminum diecasting material.

Overall I would recommend this Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel to anyone looking for an inexpensive freshwater fishing reel. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Adorable Hexagon Canning Jars

So my garden has done awful this year. I don't know why I had such high expectations when this is only the first time we have had a garden here. I don't know why I trusted that our compost would be enough to rejuvenate our horrible soil. It was not. Almost all of my tomato plants were eaten by deer through the mesh cover we had over them. The pumpkin plant died. Thee watermelon all split open thanks to the down pouring rain followed by extreme heat. So what I am left with are tons of peppers of all types. They seem to be the only things tolerating our horrible weather patterns. So what I am canning is, well not a lot this year, sadly. However I am making lots of hot sauce, but I am only making it in small patches at a time. So I got these small hexagon shaped canning jars. This way I can keep the small amounts I am making good long enough to enjoy them in the winter.

So I tested these out on a half gallon bag of Jalapeno peppers I had. In this house Jalapenos get turned into hot sauce, which is something I use at every meal. I have a great recipe for myself that I can add to any food. Sadly Jalapenos blend down to what seems like nothing. A half gallon bag turns into about 6 ounces of hot sauce.  So these small jars are perfect for my needs!

I can't wait for this fall when I make my coconut vitamin C face cream. I think these smaller jars are going to be great for handing out gifts at Christmas. Overall these are an amazing addition to our kitchen and garden! If you would like to get your own hexagon jars you can find them here.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Home Central Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

To read about why I include posts about products related to Whiskey on a homesteading blog you can read the reason here.  To us Whisky and couple time go hand in hand. My husband has what he and I call a "Whiskey Collection" which is all things whiskey. So this cool Home Central Stainless Steel Ice Cube set was a nice addition to his collection.

Home Central Stainless Steel Ice Cube Set is as effective as it is nice looking!

Not only are these things beautiful, but they are also very effective. Three cubes is enough to cool off room temperature coke and whiskey. Use all 6 cubes if you want it super cold. They come with a nice bag to put them in while freezing. When we got them we put them in the freezer for about 8 hours. My husband used 3 cubes in his first glass of 1.5 oz of whiskey and 4 oz of room temperature coke. He said that three cubes was enough to chill the drink but not to make it cold. Which is why on his second cup he added the rest in.

These would make a beautiful gift to anyone who enjoys a glass of liquor regularly. The box that they come in is really nice as well.

Overall this is a nice set. If you would like to get some Home Central Stainless Steel Ice Cubes for yourself you can find them here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kelley General 75 ft Expandable Hose Review

So after years and years of dealing with crappy hoses for our homesteading use we decided expandable it the way to go. I was happy to get a chance to review this Kelley General Expandable Hose! 

I have to say, once again I am impressed! This hose is quality! Even at 75 ft it stores easily. When you are done using it, turn off the water, drain the hose, and it actually pulls back up itself. So really it is only 25 ft!!

The brass fittings are great, and the shut off switch on both ends is awesome! Especially when we are using the hose without the sprayer on it!

This expandable hose does not kink ever. We have had it in all sorts of spots and it has not kinked up once!

Kelley General Expandable Hose Specs

 Per Kelley General: 

  • NEW GENERATION KRYPTONITE STRONG - Expandable hose has the highest rating of strength and pressure testing on the market today.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & INDESTRUCTIBLE - This 75 foot expandable garden water hose is ultra light weight and guaranteed not to kink or tangle. This is by far the strongest most durable expandable garden watering hose on the market today! Sprayer not included.
  • SOLID BRASS CORROSION RESISTANT FITTINGS -Kelley General only produces products that are made tough! This 75 foot expandable flexible garden water hose is manufactured with solid brass fittings with easy pressure shut off valve for total control of your watering experience.
  • DOUBLE LAYER LATEX CORE THREADING - This 75 foot expandable garden hose is the next generation in cutting edge technology of "no kink" indestructible high-pressure car wash garden hoses. It is protected by a alligator type thick nylon exterior skin. Kelley General-" Products Made Tough"!
  • MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - Kelley General stands behind our 12 month manufacturing defect warranty.

I've been using this hose now for about 2 week. I haven't had any problems. It is one of the best hoses I have ever owned. If you would like to get a Kelley General Expandable Hoe for yourself you can get one here!

EGOZ Micro Fleece Polar Neck Warmer/Face Mask/Hat Review

So when I got my EGOZ sleeping bag I got an add on product. It was a nice looking EGOZ Micro Fleece Polar Neck Warmer Face Mask. We are always looking for face coverage for when we go camping. Also I just generally hate being cold! Fleece is my go to product to stay warm.

My husband also works in a place that is not fully heated in the winter. So he is always looking for a way to keep his face warm.

So when this arrived, my husband immediately hijacked it from me. He said it would be awesome for camping, but that he wanted it for work. We really loved it, and for the price it can't be beat!

EGOZ Micro Fleece Polar Neck Warmer Face Mask Details



  • High wind resistance
  • Versatile snood scarf - Neck Warmer/Face Mask/Hat Snood/Scarf
  • Ideal for Walking, Trekking and Hiking, motorcyclists & cyclists, and simply keeping warm outside on those cold winter days
  • One Size approx 27cm x 26cm. High Quality 220gsm polar fleece/one layer. Adjustable with drawstring and toggle for opening.
  • Can also be worn as a fleece hat with the cord tightened. Super soft and super comfortable, keeps face, head and ears beautifully warm!

With all this, and a price under $6 this product is a no brainer! If you want your own EGOZ face mask you can get it here.