Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Garden

So we have had our plants in the ground for about a month now. All I can say is disappointing! We simply have horrible soil, that even with a ton of good compost is still awful!

The things I have put in pots are doing well, but everything in the ground is doing poorly.

This corn was planted 2 months ago almost. It should be much bigger!

It looks sad right? The soil is sandy even though when we tilled it the soil appeared healthy. We also mixed a good bit of our compost into it which was growing plants better in it than in the ground.

The big pepper plant in the bag is a nice size, but it is not producing any flowers. It is sort of heartbreaking! We were so excited, but now I am just not happy at all with it.

The things that seem to be doing well:

  • squash
  • cucumbers
  • okra
The beans, corn, tomatoes, and peppers are doing poorly.

Cherry Tomato plant is doing well

Tiny little cherry tomatoes!

The cherry tomato plant I have on my porch in a pot is 3 times the size of the ones in my garden, which were planted BEFORE this one! The one in the pot with soil from the local farm and compost is also producing fruit already.

Maybe next year is all I have left to hope for. Right now, what I thought would be a garden able to produce hundreds of pounds of food is looking like I will be lucky to get 25 pounds.