Sunday, June 19, 2016

Alpha Home Expandable Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden and Utility Hose Set Review

So this whole homesteading on a budget thing has been rough. I am thankful that I am finding products that are making my life a bit easier.

At the start of the spring we went out and bought a 50 ft garden hose from the local Dollar general. Within a week it was leaking everywhere. It also didn't seem to actually be 50 ft long. We were having to stand just the right way to water the garden, arching the water flow just the right way to make it to the plants. Of course standing in this position caused the leak to flow nicely down our arm and into our shirt!

I lucked up and got the opportunity to review this cool expandable hose from Alpha Home Products.

I have to admit I was like a child in a candy store. We had been looking at these for a while. I had been debating it. Would the cost be worth it? Would I even really notice the difference? Is there even really a difference between a $10 hose and a $40 hose?


Alpha Home Expandable Lightweight Ultra Flexible Durable Kink-Free Garden and Utility Hose Set


Let me just say, the differences are extreme!! No! I am not exaggerating! Maybe it is the poor homesteader in me, but this hose is like no other I have used! Everything about it is awesome! I literally can't find one thing I don't like about it! 

So for starters, it expands all on it's own without getting kinked up. No having to unfold it or get knots out. Nope! It does it all on it's own. Then when you are done using it, you drain it, and it sucks itself back down to about 10 ft long! It does all the work for you! 

It is also much longer than our old 50 ft hose, which I got to wondering about. I measured our old hose and this hose is 11 ft longer. So I went to the store I bought it at and looked, I was right, the cheap one was being advertised as 50ft even though it was only 39 ft!!! I felt like I was back to the day I found out a Subway foot long was only 11 inches! Lol! This Alpha Expandable hose IS 50 feet long! 

This Alpha hose is by far the best hose we have ever had. All the different settings on the sprayer make it easy to water my plants. It easily reaches my garden. I'm no longer stopping 5 times to un-kink my hose. It's fantastic! 

You can get one too! Either go to Alpha Home website or click on the Amazon link below! 

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