Monday, June 6, 2016

Leopard Outdoor Eva Molded Cooler Bag 24Can

I got an opportunity to review this Leopard Outdoor Cooler bag at a discount to review it with my unbiased opinion. As someone who goes fishing, camping, and to the lake a lot this was a perfect thing for me to review.

When I got it I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure why but I just assumed it would be a cheap feeling cooler bag like I have had in the past. So when I got it and realized the top was actually solid, (feels like very hard foam) and the sides feel like a very thick material I was excited.


2 Can Holders

Taking My New Leopard Outdoor Cooler to the Lake

So right after getting it we decided we would need to actually take it to the lake for a day to test it out. Our family consists of 5 people. Honestly we are all a bit tired of taking the standard big cooler we own. Since we don't actually need to pack 24 cans we were able to pack what we needed for a day trip. In total we packed into the cooler part 6 canned drinks, 12 fruit juice pouches, Mustard, 1 pack of hotdogs, 2 Sobe bottled drinks, onion, 1 container of worms for fishing, and one bag of frozen herring also for fishing. We of course then packed it with ice. In the interior zipper pouch attached to the lid we put a can opener, a spoon, a bottle of Tylenol, a fork, and a pair of scissors (last minute).  

Even with all of that in there, you can see in the pic, if we wanted to we could have stuffed a couple more drinks into it or even a pack of ground beef for hamburgers. It fit everything our family of 5 needed for a day at the lake. 

Filled, my 12 year old was able to easily carry the Leopard Cooler Bag with the padded shoulder strap into our picnic table by the lake. 

My Review of The Leopard Outdoor Cooler Bag

I really looked for something not to like with this bag. However after using it for both the lake trip, and the next day for fishing at a local pond I can't find a single thing to complain about. 

My 10 year old even spilled some of his fruit punch on the top of it and I quickly tilted the cooler on it's side. The fruit punch ran right off. I was expecting a stain, but there was not even a mark after about an hour.

It's a great bag. I really don't think I have ever owned a cooler of this high functionality and quality before. It certainly made our day easier than lugging around our full size cooler!

Find my Youtube video review here

I am in no way affiliated with this company. I never promise a positive rating, I am not compensated outside of the discounted product, and I always give you my honest opinion on a product. 

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