Tuesday, October 4, 2016

5 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been used for centuries as a healing medicine. It has many uses. Now that we are at a time when unnatural medicines are pushed at us every tv commercial, our doctors are given incentives to push pharmaceuticals at us, and the entire industry makes us think that even for the smallest problem we need at least 2 pills to fix it.

In reality there are many illnesses that don't have a real effective natural remedy. However many illnesses do have simple, all natural remedies to ease your troubles.

Always remember that honey should not be used to treat small children. It can be life threatening so do not chance it. 


5 Health Benefits of Honey

Sore Throat - 

Instead of grabbing throat spray or over the counter pain medications instead reach for your natural medicine! One to two teaspoons of honey should ease any pain you are feeling in your throat. It naturally coats the throat reducing the pain you will feel. 

Cough - 

Similar to having a sore throat. Honey acts to help a cough by coating the throat. It has been proven to be as effective or more effective than over the counter medications for treating a stubborn cough. It is best to take one to two teaspoons directly, but if this is too thick or sweet for you I suggest mixing it 1 to 1 with water. 

Healing Cuts and Scrapes - 

When honey is exposed to air it created hydrogen peroxide. The anti bacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide will help heal minor scrapes and cuts quickly and naturally. Just coat your wound with a light layer of honey. Let it breathe for a few minutes and cover with a bandaid. 

Boost Your Natural Immunity to Viral and Bacterial Infections - 

Thanks to the natural antibacterial and antiviral properties found in honey, it acts as a natural immunity booster. Add lemon and a bit of water with 2 tablespoons of honey is a good way to give your body a much needed boost if you are feeling the first steps of a cold coming on or if you just want to help prevent catching a cold. 

Minor Burns - 

Similar to the way it helps cuts and scrapes, it also helps minor burns. Honey is said to reduce the burning sensation. It is also said to help with any swelling caused by the burn. Just apply a thin layer to the burn and leave it open to the air. An added bonus is that the antibacterial properties of honey may help keep your burn from getting infected.


Overall Honey is natures way of keeping us healthy from the minor things in life. It is a much better option than having to take over the counter medicines. Ideally you want to use natural honey. Store bought honey is usually so overly pasteurized that it loses many of it's benefits. So make sure you find a good quality organic honey if you are going to use it for medicinal reasons.

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