Saturday, October 1, 2016

Remodeling Our Bathroom - New Armada Nickel Vanity Light

So we are finally getting around to upgrading our bathroom in our crappy house! This thing has been one remodel after another. I am working on flooring, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen counters all at one time. So I have to admit we are a bit overloaded. Thankfully the new Armada bathroom vanity is super easy to install. Hubby and I just got it done in about 30 minutes working together. I have to say it is a huge upgrade considering before this we just had a single ugly light over each sink. Now we have a beautiful nickel finished double vanity light installed.

Specs on our new Armada 48" 6 light Vanity light:


  • Dimensions: 44.5"(W) x 7.5"(H), Back plate: 48"(W) x 5"(H) Long enough to go over the average length double sink. So perfect for us!
  • Modern vanity fixture features a Brushed Nickel finish which is so much better than the ugly gold fixtures we had in our bathroom. It is nice to actually make it to the 2000's instead of having fixtures from the 90's when gold was the IT thing.
  • Frosted glass shades are super thick and beautiful. They come off easily also which makes me feel a lot better about cleaning them.
  • Can be used with shades facing up or down which is great. We had trouble deciding which way we were going to do it. Facing down offers good light when we are doing makeup or washing our faces, but facing up lights up the whole bathroom better. We ended up facing them up so that the entire bathroom would feel brighter.

Overall we are amazed with this Armada vanity light. We thought there would be a lot more work involved that there was. Plus it is just so pretty! It is nice to start seeing some progress around here. Now if we can just get the flooring done! Very glad that this was not a disappointment! 

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