Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Adorable Hexagon Canning Jars

So my garden has done awful this year. I don't know why I had such high expectations when this is only the first time we have had a garden here. I don't know why I trusted that our compost would be enough to rejuvenate our horrible soil. It was not. Almost all of my tomato plants were eaten by deer through the mesh cover we had over them. The pumpkin plant died. Thee watermelon all split open thanks to the down pouring rain followed by extreme heat. So what I am left with are tons of peppers of all types. They seem to be the only things tolerating our horrible weather patterns. So what I am canning is, well not a lot this year, sadly. However I am making lots of hot sauce, but I am only making it in small patches at a time. So I got these small hexagon shaped canning jars. This way I can keep the small amounts I am making good long enough to enjoy them in the winter.

So I tested these out on a half gallon bag of Jalapeno peppers I had. In this house Jalapenos get turned into hot sauce, which is something I use at every meal. I have a great recipe for myself that I can add to any food. Sadly Jalapenos blend down to what seems like nothing. A half gallon bag turns into about 6 ounces of hot sauce.  So these small jars are perfect for my needs!

I can't wait for this fall when I make my coconut vitamin C face cream. I think these smaller jars are going to be great for handing out gifts at Christmas. Overall these are an amazing addition to our kitchen and garden! If you would like to get your own hexagon jars you can find them here.

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