Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eonfine Solar Mosquito Killer Review

Living in the rural south near the coast here in the United States pretty much guarantees mosquito problems. It seems no matter what we have done here on our homestead, we simply can't find a way to get rid of them. We've drained off excess water. We've added bug killer throughout the yard. We've broke our all natural rule and called the exterminator. Yet every time we go outside after 4 in the afternoon we are attacked by the mosquitoes. I was hoping a natural option like the EonFine Solar Mosquito Killer would help.

I'll say one thing for sure. I went into this knowing that the chances of it making a noticeable difference was probably slim. My expectations were set low. When we got it we used the usb charger to charge it since we wanted to get started using it as soon as possible. We set it out the first night. The blue/purple color lit up as soon as dark came. I couldn't tell if it was actually doing anything or not to be honest.

The second day I let the sun do it's job and charge it up. I went out to check it again at dark. Same thing, lit up, but I couldn't tell if it was doing anything. So I decided to grab a beer and a chair and sit in front of it with my husband. In that time it killed 2 bugs, but myself and my husband got covered in mosquito bites.

I tried to give this thing a chance. We sat out for 2 more nights, for a lesser time, hoping we would see improvement. However in that time we both were a buffet to the mosquitoes once again.

I can not in good faith recommend this Eonfine Solar Mosquito Killer to a buyer.

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