Monday, August 22, 2016

Raaya Hose Nozzle Review

I've been looking for another hose nozzle since I broke ours. We can't do the cheap nozzles from the Dollar General or Walmart anymore. I just have too bad of a habit of dropping it when I am done with it, and thanks to my yard being hard as a rock, they seem to break. I was excited to try out the Raaya Hose Nozzle because of not only it's multiple functions, but also because the head turns. Unlike the typical gun shape type, this one can be moved both directions or straight. So this sounded like something that would be perfect for me.

I have to say this thing is awesome! On top of the head being able to be moved, they throw in a couple of great things. They include 4 extra washers. Have you ever had your hose nozzle start leaking where it connects to the hose? Well that happens because of the washer that goes inside. The Raaya Hose Nozzle comes with 4 extra washers so that when yours does start leaking, which they all do eventually, you can simply replace the washer and go back to being leak free!

They also include an adapter to attach to the top of a regular water bottle. This way you can turn your plain ole water bottle into a watering bottle for indoor plants that you can't take care of with your hose.

Overall this is by far the best hose spray nozzle I have ever owned. I am very happy that I got it. I really like having the option to rotate the head of the nozzle. If you would like to get your own Raaya Hose Nozzle, you can find it here.

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