Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Great Hammock with a Built in Stuff Sack

I've been with my husband now for 9 years. The last time we had a hammock, he and I had just met a month or 2 before. One night we were having a nice evening sitting outside. We both went to sit on his hammock to finish our drinks. As we sat down the awful happened. The hammock was dry rotted and as we sat, our butts went straight through and we landed on the ground below.

Since then we have not owned a hammock. Not that we suddenly hated hammocks, but more like we hated the idea of the same thing happening again. So I was so excited when I got the opportunity to review a new hammock.

The Nortwill Portable Hammock is going to be a great addition to our back yard and our backpack! I'm looking forward to having a hammock to take with me when we go camping again.

Installing Our Nortwill Hammock

In the middle of our yard we have 3 trees in the shape of a triangle. Since we moved here I had been telling my husband the spot was perfect to hang 3 hammocks from. Now in all honesty I hate these trees. They pretty much make it impossible to use that entire section of the yard. Because the property was so poorly kept over the years the 'baby' trees keep reappearing below these. We are constantly having to cut them out. 

So we thought this spot would be ideal for testing out my 3 hammock theory. If I could get one to work then we would get more. My 5 year old likes to lay in the hammock at her grandma's house. So when I installed this I installed it so we would be just above the ground. 

This Nortwill Hammock came with nice tree straps. However my trees are an awkward size, too big to wrap more than once, too small to wrap only once without hanging us very close to the ground. I want to be close to the ground, but I don't want to be touching the ground. 

So I wrapped the tree strap just once around the tree, but I wrapped it a little higher than we needed it accounting for the sag that we would cause once laying in it. In the pic above you will see how we wrapped it. We then hooked the Nortwill Hammock onto the tree straps. 

Enjoying Our New Great Nortwill Hammock

Since installing the hammock, my youngest and I have been going outside every morning and laying in it for a few minutes. It really is a great addition to our yard. It gives us another thing to enjoy here at home. 

I can't wait for my husband to have another fire going so that I can lay in the hammock and watch the fire. 

When we go camping I will easily be able to stuff it in it's stuff sack because the sack is actually attached to the bottom of the hammock. I won't have to worry about losing it! Which is awesome, since I lose everything! Overall even though I got this hammock at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion on the product, I think that we will be buying the other 2 we need to complete our hammock triangle at full price. 

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