Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kelley General 75 ft Expandable Hose Review

So after years and years of dealing with crappy hoses for our homesteading use we decided expandable it the way to go. I was happy to get a chance to review this Kelley General Expandable Hose! 

I have to say, once again I am impressed! This hose is quality! Even at 75 ft it stores easily. When you are done using it, turn off the water, drain the hose, and it actually pulls back up itself. So really it is only 25 ft!!

The brass fittings are great, and the shut off switch on both ends is awesome! Especially when we are using the hose without the sprayer on it!

This expandable hose does not kink ever. We have had it in all sorts of spots and it has not kinked up once!

Kelley General Expandable Hose Specs

 Per Kelley General: 

  • NEW GENERATION KRYPTONITE STRONG - Expandable hose has the highest rating of strength and pressure testing on the market today.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & INDESTRUCTIBLE - This 75 foot expandable garden water hose is ultra light weight and guaranteed not to kink or tangle. This is by far the strongest most durable expandable garden watering hose on the market today! Sprayer not included.
  • SOLID BRASS CORROSION RESISTANT FITTINGS -Kelley General only produces products that are made tough! This 75 foot expandable flexible garden water hose is manufactured with solid brass fittings with easy pressure shut off valve for total control of your watering experience.
  • DOUBLE LAYER LATEX CORE THREADING - This 75 foot expandable garden hose is the next generation in cutting edge technology of "no kink" indestructible high-pressure car wash garden hoses. It is protected by a alligator type thick nylon exterior skin. Kelley General-" Products Made Tough"!
  • MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - Kelley General stands behind our 12 month manufacturing defect warranty.

I've been using this hose now for about 2 week. I haven't had any problems. It is one of the best hoses I have ever owned. If you would like to get a Kelley General Expandable Hoe for yourself you can get one here!

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