Thursday, July 7, 2016

Aging Alcohol At Home With American Oak Wood Barrel

So a couple of posts ago I talked about my favorite thing my husband and I do to stay connected. Every night right after we get the kids to bed we go out to the garden, water the plants, sip a glass of whiskey and coke, and we vent or talk about anything on our minds. Kids been extra stressful? Hard day at work? Have one of us done something to bother the other? Great, have a glass of whiskey and talk about it!

No we are not drunks. We aren't alcoholics. We simply both enjoy the taste of a good whiskey and this gives us "together time". This makes us a better couple, not because of the alcohol, but because of the communication. However we both really like the alcohol part! So we started what is getting called the 'Whiskey collection'. I started buying things for my husband related to whiskey. It started with a decanter, then some special whiskey glasses. The collection has grown, and now I have added this Oak Wood Barrel.

Curing and Using Your Oak Barrel

When we first got the barrel we cured it. Curing helps prevent leaks, but it also keeps the wood from drinking your liquor! Yes I said the wood would drink your alcohol! If not cured, the alcohol will absorb into the wood.

So rinse the barrel well. Then fill it with hot water. Let it sit for 2-4 days. This will seal it, and make sure that the wood expands with water instead of absorbing your alcohol.

Once you have cured your barrel get yourself a funnel. Use the funnel to fill with any liquor. You can use this just to store your liquor in, or you can use it to age your alcohol.

My husband filled his Oak Barrel with a bottle of Bullet Bourbon and we agreed that it will stay there until next year on my birthday in June.

We love it!

Get one for yourself here!

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