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Wonder Soil Review~ Dirt That Grows ~ Gardening With Arthritis

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 Gardening With Arthritis 

There is a lot about me that I don't put out on here, but as I write more I realize for people to truly understand how my homesteading is going maybe I need to enlighten you all a bit more on our situation.

See 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. This is part of why we began homesteading. We realized my health was never going to be good enough to go back to a normal job. So I do what I can here to not only save us money, but make some money at home so that my husband doesn't have to get a second job.

I am fortunate. He has a great job with great benefits. Is he paid his worth? No, but who is these days? So here I am trying to deal with our horrible soil. I've been bringing in bags of soil and shoveling dirt from the back of the woods.

The lupus has impacted my joints horribly. I'm 33 and have been told I need bilateral knee replacements. I have refused, but that gives you an idea how bad my knees are. On top of that my shoulders and wrists are miserable on a regular basis.

Wonder Soil Makes Gardening With Arthritis Easy

I admit, when I got this product I was a bit unsure what to expect. The only experience I have with soil that grows are those awful small things that come in dollar general plants. They are dreadful, don't hold water, and have zero nutrition in them. 

So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this out. My Wonder Soil was delivered in 5 or 6 inch by 12 inch sections. Each of these sections expand to 7 times their volume!

It breaks down into smaller sections pretty easily. I was using mine to plant into some grow bags so I broke it down into 3-4 inch sections.I inserted this into my grow bags, added water, and it really did exactly what we were hoping! It grew! It didn't only grow, but it turned into beautiful soil. Yes, I just called soil beautiful! It really is!

Wonder Soil Ingredients 

So the ability to grow makes my life much easier! It helps my arthritis greatly. I no longer have to lug around giant bags of soil. It's convenience is not the only benefit though. Unlike the horrible fake versions of this product that I find at my local dollar store this soil has amazing ingredients! 

  • Coconut Fiber - Not only is coconut fiber great for helping to retain water it is also great for deterring insects and disease. 
  • Worm Castings - Natural plant food!
  • Humus - Decaying plant material improves drainage and releases beneficial nutrients. 
  • Mycorrhizae - Reduces transplant shock and helps aid root growth. 
  • Kelp - Helps growth, root stimulation, and better seed germination.  
  • Azomite - Increases yield and helps roots

These aren't the only ingredients, but they are certainly great!  Nothing is better than organic soil.

All around this is a great product. It is not only good for helping those with arthritis. It is also good for those in drought impacted areas. Since Wonder Soil holds water so well it reduces the need for watering or rain. Wonder Soil can be used to grow your lawn, and helps keep it green during the rough summer months.

Where to Get Wonder Soil

If you want to get yourself some wonder soil just click here! You won't be disappointed. This is an amazing product! 

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