Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wonder Soil Super Seed ~ Wonder Soil Amazes Me Again!

So it has been a few weeks since I tried out the Wonder Soil. It was one of the best gardening things I have tried out before. So I was super excited about the opportunity to try out the Wonder Soil Super Seed. 

They use the same concept with their Wonder Soil Super Seed that they use with their soil. The bag is a mix of small pieces of Wonder Soil with grass seed mixed in. So when the seed is sprinkled down and watered the soil grows around the seed protecting it. This also helps keep the seed damp so that it doesn't dry out as easy.

On top of having the benefits of the Wonder Soil expanding around the seed you will also get all the benefits of the Wonder Soil itself.

Super Seed Before Watering

Super Seed After Watering

Wonder Soil Super Seed Ingredients 

Unlike the horrible fake versions of this product that I find at my local dollar store this soil has amazing ingredients! On top of a quality grass seed Wonder Soil Super Seed also has:

  • Coconut Fiber - Not only is coconut fiber great for helping to retain water it is also great for deterring insects and disease. 
  • Worm Castings - Natural plant food!
  • Humus - Decaying plant material improves drainage and releases beneficial nutrients. 
  • Mycorrhizae - Reduces transplant shock and helps aid root growth. 
  • Kelp - Helps growth, root stimulation, and better seed germination.  
  • Azomite - Increases yield and helps roots

These aren't the only ingredients, but they are certainly great!  Nothing is better than organic soil around the freshly planted seed to keep it happy!

My Wonder Soil Super Seed has just began germinating. After 3 days I can see the little tiny sprouts beginning. I can't wait to update you all with wonderful pictures as it gets tall enough to photograph! Until then you can get your Wonder Soil Super Seed Here!

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